Introducing WPGuard!

Our New Cyber Maintenance & Protection Program for WordPress


At Divigner Designs, we don’t just design and build great websites, we also keep them safe and secure! With our WPGuard cyber maintenance services for WordPress websites, you can rest assured that your website is being protected and well taken care of. Our New Jersey website maintenance services include everything from warding off hackers to theme and plugin updates.

Our WPGuard experts will do a complete backup of your website, and make weekly backups in the AMZ cloud. More frequent backups can be arranged if needed. Any necessary updates are made in a staging area, which is a live copy of your site, to test these updates to ensure they don’t break the site before being implemented on your live website. We monitor your site for any available updates for WordPress core, themes, or plugins, and make those updates as needed.

In an attempt to thwart hackers, our team will run an initial security scan, which reveals any vulnerabilities, and then fix any issues that are found. We also perform WordPress “hardening,” where any potential access points are sealed off at the site, server, and database levels. If for any reason hackers are able find their way in despite these precautions, we can efficiently repair, clean, and restore your site.

As part of our New Jersey website maintenance services, Divigner optimizes your website performance for speed so that it loads quickly and ranks well per Google standards. When you subscribe to our WPGuard program, we provide monthly reports that inform you of all services performed on your website, including any hacking attempts that were prevented, speed reports, and any theme or plugin updates.

To learn more about our New Jersey website maintenance services or WPGuard from Divigner Designs, contact us today! We’re standing by, ready and waiting to help you securely grow your business online!

Scheduled Backups

The first thing we do after getting access to your site is a complete backup. With our Montclair website maintenance services, we continue making backups weekly in the cloud. If you need daily or even hourly backups, we can facilitate this frequency.

Staging Site

We create a live copy of your site called a staging area. This staging area is where we safely perform minor and major updates and testing to ensure important updates do not break your site when it goes live. We provide WordPress, plugin and them updates whenever they are available.

WordPress Updates

We update your WordPress core, themes and plugins whenever new updates are available, which we monitor remotely.

Security Scans

We run an initial security scan of your site that will reveal your vulnerabilities and then we fix whatever we find. We share all the details with you!
Montclair Website Maintenance Services

WordPress Hardening

We protect your WordPress installation by sealing off easy access points for hackers at the client (website), server and database level. This process is called “Hardening”. We patch up the back entrances that we find.

Site Speed

When you hire us for Montclair website maintenance services, we optimize your site performance for speed according to Google’s standards. It is extremely important to minimize the time it takes your site to load to rank in Google.

Hacked Site Recovery

God forbid you get hacked even after all of this, we will quickly clean, repair and restore your site to it’s original condition. This service activates only after the trial period has ended and you have successfully subscribed to the WPGuard program. This is the best value of all due to the headaches associated with breaches.

Monthly Reports

Each month you will get a monthly report on the activities we are executing on your site to ensure all is well. These reports consist of speed reports, attack information (shows you how many hacking attempts were thwarted), how many hits you had to your site and the recent WordPress, theme and plugin updates.

$75 / Month