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Vehicle Wraps

Whether you have a catering, contracting, florist, or a plumbing business, advertising is crucial to get any business’s message out to potential customers. Without advertising, businesses must rely on word of mouth to attract customers. Advertising puts your brand out there and lets people know of the products and services you offer and how to find them, but advertising can be costly. Whether you run commercials on TV or radio, launch a direct mail campaign, or choose to buy space on a billboard, you’re forking out large sums of money on an ongoing basis. What if there was an effective and budget-friendly alternative? Well, there is!

Thousands of customers are driving around the roads of New Jersey every day, and with vehicle wrap advertising services from Divigner Designs, your company vehicle is a driving billboard! Our professional design team has extensive expertise in creating attractive branding, web designs, and mobile apps for our clients, and our artists have the creativity and the skills to design and apply eye-catching and effective vehicle wraps to your vehicles.

Vehicle wraps make an impression on a potential customer every time someone sees your vehicle, whether it’s parked in a lot or driving down the highway. Imagine a bride-to-be is trying to decide what florist to hire, then she sees your florist’s van stopped in front of her at a traffic light. She just might take that as a sign and call the number prominently displayed on your vehicle. Any business can take advantage of our New Jersey vehicle wrap advertising services, and many of our customers are elated at how much money they’re saving on their ad budget!

If you’re sold on this inexpensive and highly effective form of advertising, get in touch with Divigner Designs today! Our team can’t wait to get started helping you grow your business!