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Once an up-and-coming trend, social media has transcended into a daily online stop for millions of users across multiple platforms—and for businesses, this means that being active on social media is no longer optional.

In today’s world, not having a robust social media strategy is like not having a website or phone number, meaning it will only hold you back. No matter what industry you’re in or what services you provide, chances are, your target market is already active on social media and waiting to hear from you.

While it is pervasive, social media is far from simple. If there is one thing our Montclair social media management team knows about business owners, it’s that they have a lot on their plate—making learning ​what ​to post and ​when to post something many just don’t have the time for.

Fortunately, we’re here to help.

At Divigner Media, we stay in the know about the rapidly changing world of social media so we can connect with your audience on your behalf. Whether you have one business location or a nationwide franchise, we can provide solutions that will ensure your business is poised as asocial media savvy authority in your field.


The Importance of Social:

If customers aren’t sure about a purchase, social media is where they turn to—and if they can’t learn any more about you, that can be a lead lost. We understand that starting and maintaining a social presence is something many businesses don’t have the time for, which is why we’re here to fill that gap.

An Overview of Social Media Packages and Platforms for Businesses

All of our Montclair social media management packages are set up to have your business posting at the optimum frequency and the optimum time to connect with your audience, on whatever platform you choose. We can pair this heightened social presence with blogs and highly targeted ads, so you can turn your connections into sales for less.


Facebook is one of the oldest social media platforms around, and it continues to be the most prominent for businesses. Nearly half of users state that Facebook is the leading influence on their purchasing decisions—and with 90% of people using Facebook to find local services, you can bet that if you’re not there to show up in their search, your competition will be. Get the customers you need with our Montclair Facebook advertising services.


Though characters are limited on Twitter, it provides a platform for connections to thrive. Twitter is a prime spot to connect with other businesses, potential clients or franchisees, and strategic hashtag use provides a way for new leads to find you. Recently, nearly 70% of people said they are more likely to purchase from businesses they follow on Twitter, so fostering these connections can go a long way.

Google My Business

Google has become so synonymous with web searches that it’s practically a verb, and with its Google My Business platform, businesses can rocket to the top of search results. Everything you do on Google My Business is connected to the profile that shows up when people search, so it’s ideal for posting updates and information that everyone can easily find.


LinkedIn provides a way for professionals and businesses everywhere to connect with one another. Users have reported being twice as likely to trust the information they see on the platform, so when our Montclair LinkedIn advertising team creates a campaign for you, you can be certain that your brand’s reputation will be given a chance to thrive.


In the world of quick social updates, blogs carry a different kind of weight—not only do they show your expertise in your field, but they also give businesses more than 125% more lead growth than those without blogs. Our writing team can provide you with a strong blog strategy that can drive SEO and showcase your expertise on whatever topic you choose.


Ultimately, the point of social media for businesses is being able to leverage connections into sales—which is where ads come in. Social media ads are affordable, highly customizable and easy for us to present to the people who are already interested in your product. This means more bang for your buck and more qualified leads clicking through to your site. Contact our Montclair social media management specialists today!